Due to popular demand, this batch Is CHALAV  YISROEL. 

We are Certified by the KVH (the Kashrus Division of the Rabbinical Council of New England).

There is a limited quantity of this, so order now and tell your friends and family. 

We are offering: 

1/2 pound block for $9.50 + Shipping

 1 pound block for $18.00 + Shipping

10 pound foodservice block for $100 + Shipping

 For shipping details please see  the "shipping"  page. 
(Please note that I do not make a profit on shipping costs.) 

This run of cheese will be vacuum sealed in plastic.

If you want to order cheese, please email me at Thebigcheese@munclearks.com with the following information

1) 1) Weight and Quantity of cheese blocks ordered.
For example, 3 1/2 pound blocks and 1 10 pound block  

2) Your name,

3) email address,

4) shipping address,

5) phone #.

Once I receive your email, I will send you an invoice through Paypal with your final bill (cost of cheese + cost of shipping). Once payment (all Major Credit Cards are accepted) is received I will forward your order on to Shelburne, and soon after that they will ship your cheese to you.  

Thank you, 

Mark Bodzin

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This rich, buttery cheddar was made in the spring of 2015 and is ready to be eaten now.

A "Raw Milk" Kosher cheese worth eating. 

Muncle Arks Gourmet